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redundancy insurance

redundancy insurance

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How will you live and pay your bills if you are made redundant ?

Redundancy Insurance Protection will pay you money if you are made redundant

Ease Insurance Brokers makes Redundancy Insurance easy to get and brings you the best policies

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What is Redundancy Insurance

Also known as Salary Insurance or Loss of Job Insurance. If your employer makes you redundant (and it wasn’t by your choice),  Redundancy Insurance will pay you money every month starting 30 days after your redundancy.

You will receive Redundancy Insurance payments for up to 6 months while you seek new employment.

When you do claim for Redundancy Insurance you can use the money to pay your rent, mortgage, bills, or for anything you want.

  • You will be far less stressed if you have redundancy insurance paying you money every month
  • These days can anyone consider their jobs safe, the days of having job security have past
  • Many employees are being made redundant when they thought that their job was safe
  • If you have redundancy insurance the financial pressure will be reduced and you won’t have to take the first job offered to you
  • It could take several months to find the right job again, and having money coming in means you can stay on top of expenses
  • How long could you survive without any income while you are looking for a new job ?
  • Redundancy Insurance Protection will help you financially until you are in paid employment again.
  • Currently WINZ unemployment benefit is a little over $200.00 per week for an unemployed 25 year + single person. (source WINZ website 1 April 2011)

Redundancy Insurance is affordable and easy to get.

The most important thing is to get Redundancy Insurance now.

You cannot wait until you think your job may be uncertain, the insurance company won’t want to give you a redundancy insurance policy at that stage.

Most people think their jobs are safe and they don’t need Redundancy Insurance.

However, everything can change quickly and one day you might be told that some jobs at your workplace will be made Redundant, then its too late to get Redundancy Insurance Protection.

Why not get a no obligation Redundancy Insurance Quote now. 

Find out how much Redundancy Insurance will pay to you each month if you get made redundant.

Redundancy Insurance – Policy details

Payment starts 30 days after the date of your official redundancy

  • Each company has different redundancy insurance criterea
  • We will help you find the one most suited to your situation
  • The Insurance company will pay you monthly for up to 6 months while you look for another job
  • We find the Redundancy Policy that pays you the maximum amount of Redundancy Insurance in market
  • There are limits on the amount of redundancy cover you can have.
  • Up to 45% of your income before tax or 100% of your mortgage payment (whichever is higher, our Quote Calculator above will work that our for you)
  • Most polcies say you cannot be made redundant within the first 6 months of having the policy, so apply now. The sooner you arrange your policy the sooner you will be able to claim if you are made redundant.
  • Currently we have insurers who will offer you redundancy insurance with no wait period, providing there is no talk of redundancy or restructuring at your place of work.
  • Some policies allow you to claim on your policy even if you have received a redundancy payment from your employer when you are made redundant, there are no offsets, how some polices make you use up any payment from your employer first.
  • Applications must show proof of income such as a current pay-slip, employment contract or employer letter, or recent bank statement showing your monthly mortgage payment.
  • If there is discussion in the public arena that your company may be down sizing, then cover may not be available. The Insurer will google search your employer to check.
  • If you have already been advised that you will be made redundant now or in the future or if there is any pending company restructure, cover will not be available
  • You can claim up to 2 times on some redundancy insurance policies


NOTE: Ease New Zealand Limited does not guarantee that cover will be approved

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